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Designed and crafted at its New York and Los Angeles studios, Ansea is a female-founded, led, and focused company that seeks to offer a counterpoint to the dubious practices of the world of surf and swim apparel.

Building a narrative of inclusivity and ecology, engaging head-on with the current state of swimwear manufacturing and the male-dominated world of surfing and aquatics. Surf brands, even female-oriented ones, continue to be run by men. And wetsuits continue to be the most toxic of sporting goods, constructed out of anthropogenic neoprene. Ansea believes these are telltale signs of an industry that is slow to evolve. Speaking to women of all ethnicities, body types, ability levels, and interests with a collection of swimsuits, wetsuits, and ready-to-wear that is anchored at the intersection of timeless aesthetic, heritage quality, and responsible environmental practices.

Less is Everything

Petroleum- or limestone-based neoprene exploits significant resources for extraction, processing, and refining. It also doesn't biodegrade. With an estimated 20 million surfers and 6 million divers worldwide, this equates to 380 tons of neoprene wetsuits being discarded every year. Ansea wants to leave neoprene in the past.

For their sustainable swimwear line, Ansea relies on Econyl, a regenerated nylon spun from casted-off fishing nets and industrial carpets. The low impact dye mills they partner with help to reduce their carbon cost. All cotton used is 100% organic, and all packaging is compostable.

The company purposefully manufactures in small batches and designs garments with an emphasis on versatility and longevity. Pieces transition smoothly from “sand to city”, many are even reversible. The future may even see Ansea implement a take back or recycling program for end-of-cycle swimwear. The aim is to extend the life cycle of their products and close the loop on harmful and needless overconsumption. In Ansea’s words, “Less is Everything.”

Artisan CraftEmerging EconomiesMade in the USAPhilanthropicSustainable MaterialsVeganWomen's EmpowermentZero Waste

Speaking to life in and around the water is a key pillar
of the Ansea brand.