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Caralarga is a Mexican workshop of handcrafted jewelry, inspired by the raw materials of nature. The brand seeks to demonstrate the beauty of things made by hand while promoting Mexican craft and providing stable income to local artisans. Each piece is rooted in unexpected simplicity: a core value of the brand.

Founder Ana Holschneider is a Mexico City native, who returned to Mexico in 2009 after living in Hong Kong for two years.  Upon returning to the country, Ana and her husband moved to Querétaro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where her husband wanted to start a beer company.  In search of a space to rent, the two stumbled upon the small town of Hercules, where they found an old textile factory that was abandoned after the trade market opened to China. Ana’s husband opened a brewery in the factory, which Ana visited often. On one of her visits to the factory, Ana found large spools of discarded raw cotton yarn. She was inspired by the factory’s history to honor the material and give it a second life.

“We like things as they are.  We admire simplicity and believe that a simple world is better.  This is the source of our inspiration.” - Ana Holschneider, Founder

Caralarga started in the home of María del Socorro Gasca Chalqueño, a master artisan who Ana connected with through AMAS: a foundation that supported women’s empowerment in Mexico. Today, 11 artisans handcraft each piece in the abandoned textile factory in Hercules, across from her husband’s brewery, using the same raw cotton yarn.