Choosing artisan means supporting a form of economic development that has deep meaning, one that originates from and is rooted in the uniqueness of people and place.

–– Forbes

We feel honoured to work with brands that are committed to sustainable and ethical practices, and whose products are handmade and carry a real identity. Latin American designers don’t simply want to sell, they aspire to have a lasting and positive impact on their communities

–– Isabella Behrens & Cloclo Echavarría
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Meet the Designer

Maria Mallol


Sí Collective + Fashionkind
Maria Mallol is a luxury collection of unisex mohair maxi-scarves. Created in close collaboration with skilled weavers in Spain, these unique statement pieces place artisan craft at the forefront of any outfit. Founder María José Mallol was born in Colombia into a family of artists who fully encouraged creativity and personal expression. María studied design and industrial pattern making in Spain, and later stablished her studio in Barcelona, though she continues to draw inspiration from her hometown’s effervescent culture and exuberant biodiversity —returning, through her creative process, to the landscapes of her childhood.

Influenced by color field painting —think Rothko or Frankenthaler— and the unassuming beauty of nature, Mallol’s collections feature rich textures and hues, emphasizing the luxury of truly timeless design. A testament to traditional craftsmanship as an essential and irreplaceable part of the fashion industry, Mallol creates limited edition pieces that are as everlasting and collectible as the art that inspires them.

Supporting Know-How and Tradition

For María Mallol, working with artisans is the natural consequence of understanding fashion as a conscious process. With a deep respect for the time and intricate work that goes into each piece, Mallol believes in highlighting the essential role of the artisan, placing these craftsmen at the center of her creations. Therefore, she partners with small family-run manufacturers in Spain who cultivate the know-how and traditional methods of carding, dyeing, and weaving the wool. The result is a product of unmatched quality that will stand the test of time.

All Maria Mallol scarves are made with Certified Sustainable Mohair and are free of harmful chemicals and substances. The scarves are created in small batches, limiting overproduction. Creating collectible pieces in such reduced numbers emphasizes the label’s determination to avoid waste and minimize their environmental impact.

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For us, it is essential to produce consciously, giving value to the figure of the artisan, and keeping in mind a timeless horizon.

— Maria Mallol, Founder