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Nak Armstrong

Nak Armstrong is a fine jewelry designer recognized for his innovative departures from standard metalworking techniques. His experimental aesthetic creates unique pieces that are timeless yet modern.  He is recognized for his award-winning work that continues to push the boundaries of design.

Armstrong's background in architecture and fashion are evident in the engineering of his designs, as he developed a proprietary technique to suspend stones in metal. This unique metalsmithing approach replaces the traditional bezel setting in order to create the illusion of weightlessness.  His labor-intensive construction process allows for highly textural and layered designs that have become synonymous with the Nak Armstrong brand.

Nak's signature style of colored gemstones creates the illusion of fabric with ruffled pleats of stone and recycled metal that buckle and fold around large geometric baguettes.  Each collection is features bold, saturated colors that are accented with subtle neutrals and is handmade in New York City. The Nak Armstrong woman exudes strength and unique precision in the way she approaches style.