Choosing artisan means supporting a form of economic development that has deep meaning, one that originates from and is rooted in the uniqueness of people and place.

–– Forbes

We feel honoured to work with brands that are committed to sustainable and ethical practices, and whose products are handmade and carry a real identity. Latin American designers don’t simply want to sell, they aspire to have a lasting and positive impact on their communities

–– Isabella Behrens & Cloclo Echavarría

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Meet the Designer

Recreo San Miguel


Thoughtfully designed in New York and handmade by skilled artisans in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Recreo San Miguel is a lifestyle brand founded on the idea of reinterpreting the silhouette of the traditional serape —the iconic Latin American symbol of relaxed, comfortable and understated sophistication. Not long after moving to San Miguel, Lisa and Michael Coleman happened upon a book that described how the city was once famous for its serapes and fine fabrics intended for the nobility and for ecclesiastical vestments. They made a simple creative connection and came up with the idea of marrying these two aspects of the town’s heritage, elevating them with a contemporary design aesthetic.
Over the years, the brand's range of styles has grown, while staying true to the spirit that inspired Recreo’s founders. Today, the label offers an assortment of layering statement pieces and essential separates including capes, wraps, tops, pants, jackets, kaftans and more. The brand’s multigenerational family founders are committed to responsible, thoughtful production and philanthropic community involvement. Recreo San Miguel is the art of weaving history and modernity, practicality and luxury, simplicity and elegance, from concept to creation.

Reviving San Pedro de los Pozos

The great majority of Recreo San Miguel’s garments are made by a group of seamstresses from a small Mexican village, San Pedro de los Pozos. Popularly known as Mineral de Pozos– the village was founded in 1576 as a mining town in the high, rugged central region that locals call the Bajío. It grew spectacularly throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, with a population of 70,000, until a series of tragic setbacks reduced it to a ghost town: only 2,105 people live there today. In Mineral de Pozos and in their atelier in San Miguel de Allende, the label provides steady employment and career training for twenty employees, most of whom are female heads of household.

Artisan CraftEmerging EconomiesSustainable MaterialsWomen's Empowerment

The original inspiration for Recreo San Miguel was the iconic Latin American serape; the versatility, roomy comfort and the enduring, timeless style of the serape are woven into the fabric of everything we do. As is the desire to honor Latin American traditions –including treating our artisans like family.

— ​Lisa and Michael Coleman, Recreo San Miguel Co-Founders