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Sylva & Cie

Los Angeles-based brand Sylva & Cie is the joint venture of husband and wife Sylva and Raffi Yepremian. Sylva was born in Lebanon and spent her formative years in Paris, where her father was a master jeweler for Maison Cartier. While she learned many valuable skills from her father, it was her own passion for Fine Arts that pushed her towards fine jewelry design.

In 1992, after the passing of her aunt, Sylva was asked to help her mother run SN Queens: a retail shop in Los Angeles’ jewelry district.  It was this transition and experience that kickstarted Sylva’s journey to creating her own line, which is now known for its limited-edition pieces that are hand-wrought and hand-faceted in Los Angeles.

Believing that every woman is a goddess deserving to be adorned with beautiful jewelry, Sylva creates masterpieces unique to the persona of each client. Inspired largely by the period of Art Deco designs, each Sylva & Cie pieces employs rich colors and unique cuts for a modern edge that appeals to a sophisticated woman. Recognizing the change needed in her industry, she uses heirloom diamonds and gemstones in her pieces to help control the ecological damage of traditional mining.

I love working with reclaimed gemstones, especially diamonds.  I’ve always appreciated their uniqueness also the fact that they are hand cut with unexacting proportions makes for unique compositions." - Sylva Yepremian, co-Founder