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Tamara Comolli

German designer Tamara Comolli created her eponymous brand in 1992 with a focus on creating fine jewelry that was fun, easy to wear and timeless. The brand’s symbol, a drop of water, is a hallmark of every Tamara Comolli piece, and is an homage to Tamara’s element: water.

Considered the epitome of the “Luxury Hippie” aesthetic, Tamara’s designs combine quality and craftsmanship to create classic and laid-back pieces that redefine what fine jewelry has to be.  When she created her brand, she felt fine jewelry had lost the feeling of soul and meaning, so she sought to imbue these in each piece she created. Color has long-been part of the Tamara Comolli story, with brightly-colored hues frequently accenting pieces or becoming a collection’s core element.

With goldsmiths based in Germany and manufacturers in Milan, Italy, Tamara prides herself on providing the best possible working environment for her artisans and creating pieces that are accented by the highest-quality and mindfully-sourced metals and gemstones. Her Signature Wave Rings represent three, intertwined drop-shaped elements handcrafted using fair trade gold. Tamara has committed 3% of all proceeds from the sale of these rings to the Earthbeat Foundation, in an effort to support gold mining communities in Uganda.

“As a long-standing designer of fine jewelry, I am acutely aware of how strongly the industry depends on reliable sources of high quality gold. Dedicating certain proceeds of the Wave rings to mining communities and helping shape initiatives to improve their lives is my way of recognizing their contribution to the process of creating fine jewelry. And of helping to ensure that these efforts become and remain fully sustainable.” - Tamara Comolli, Founder

These donations help ensure that: working conditions are safe and hygienic; there is access to clean water; the landscape is protected from pollution; and women and children have access to education and income-generating opportunities, such as beekeeping.