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Dickson Yewn is a contemporary multimedia artist that has ventured from photography and traditional painting mediums to handcrafted one-of-kind jewelry. He creates wearable works of art with sophisticated craftsmanship that reminds people of natural treasures made by imperial artisans.  In doing so, Yewn is reviving the fine jewelry that disappeared at the end of the Chinese monarchy, creating pieces that embody the essence of traditional Chinese arts and culture.

Yewn has been creating find jewelry since 1995, when he was a full time artist.  He first started creating Haute Couture pieces for his art clients, but it was the jewelry that became the ultimate collectors items for celebrities and connoisseurs around the world.  

With an iconic and recognizable square design, Yewn’s pieces are handcrafted with a mission towards the Chinese way of appreciation of heritage and, particularly, nature. Yewn believes that sustainability is a return to the old wisdom of man being a part of nature, not against it, and reflects this in his use of materials such as reclaimed cumaru and rose wood, as well as the use of high temperature ceramic as an alternative to elephant ivory.

"Chinese traditional wisdom and values have always been the integral part of all my designs. To me, sustainability means being in harmony with nature." - Dickinson Yewn, Founder

Yewn's work has been featured in solo and collaborative exhibitions worldwide.  In 2011, Yewn became the first contemporary Chinese luxury jewelry brand to be chosen by America's then-first lady: Michelle Obama.