A Letter From Our Founder

A Letter From Our Founder

I am so very excited to welcome you to the new Fashionkind, an initiative that is dedicated to changing the way you -- consumers and designers alike -- think about fashion.  Fashionkind is at the intersection of luxury style and ethics and sustainability; the intersection of education and consumerism; and the intersection of e-commerce and activism.  I am so excited to have you on our journey.

Fashionkind stands for Fashion For Humankind.  Think about that: Fashion. For. Humankind.  To me, it represents a powerful notion: that fashion can and should serve a purpose that goes beyond self-expression, creativity, design and style.  

Imagine a fashion industry that possesses all of these qualities, but does so while having a positive impact on society and the environment.  Imagine an industry that champions products that are meticulously and purposefully created by real people -- not automated machines -- who are paid fairly for their work, operate under acceptable working conditions and are given appropriate benefits.  Imagine an industry that mindfully sources materials, focusing on where they come from and how they were treated -- how much water is used to clean each type of textile? Imagine an industry that aligns itself with initiatives that are addressing pertinent environmental and ethical issues, such as poverty, modern-day slavery, ocean pollution and water consumption.  That is the industry we promote every day at Fashionkind.  It is what drives us and hopefully what will drive you too.  

Fashionkind is much more than an e-commerce site. Instead, it is a platform with multiple assets, only one of which is our online boutique, which showcases a curated selection of ethical and sustainable luxury designers and designs from around the world. Why luxury?  Significant data shows that fashion's luxury players have a meaningful influence on shaping the industry as a whole.  

There are three pages that have been added to the new Fashionkind.com which I am very excited to share with you: the FK Souk, the FK Glossary and, of course, the Journal, which you are exploring now.  All of these pages have been created to further Fashionkind's stance as an initiative. You might be familiar with the Fashionkind Facts that we post on our social media channels, and if you haven't already seen, all of the products on our online boutique are associated with "The Facts" and "The Power of Fashion," which directly link the consumer with the impact of their purchase.  Not sure what sisal is, or where Burkina Faso is? Check out the Fashionkind Glossary to learn all about this stiff plant-based fiber and this country in West Africa.  Want to see one-of-a-kind products I've found on my Fashionkind trips around the world?  Check out the FK Souk, which features a collection of items that are representative of the country from which they were purchased. Want to hear from our designers, their artisans, individuals and organizations that are promoting ethics and sustainability in the luxury markets?  Want to see video and photo galleries from our Fashionkind trips? Want to hear more from me?  That's where the Journal comes in.  

Fashionkind is the product of a lot of work, time, dedication, passion, research, teamwork and so much more. It is very much a part of me.  I wholeheartedly believe in the power of fashion. 

There is so much more to come from Fashionkind.  I am so happy to have you be a part of it.

Now, let's change the world.