SA: What sets apart Fashionkind from other retailers is their genuine interest in changing the consumer mindset to a more sustainable & ethical retail experience. The fashion industry is still the second largest industrial polluter in the world. Fashionkind supports brands that strive to influence a positive change in our planet.

The focus given on telling our story, and how each of our products is handmade by artisans in El Salvador, is the essence of what SOÜF stands for. I feel honored to be a part of this movement, and so grateful that Fashionkind is committed to this change.

FK: If you could tell aspiring designers one thing, what would it be?

SA: Be kind, be original, be patient, allow your passion to drive you forward

... as long as you’re moving forward, even with small steps, you will get to where you aspire to be.

FK: If you could have a dinner party and invite any three guests, who would they be and why? 


I would love to host a ladies only dinner party. Three women who are strong, inspiring, and love shaking things up in the world. Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, & Carolina Herrera... gives me chills to think how much could be absorbed by merely being in the presence of such powerhouses. Each has changed the world, in their own way, for the better, and continue to do so. Their invaluable experiences through successes, failures, &  fabulous life stories would be so incredible to hear over some wine & fine dining. 

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