CHC is a collection of handcrafted leather goods by Chicago's Chelli Look with her vision to produce lovely & thoughtful accessories. In 2007, Chelli's older sister, Megan, was brutally murdered by her husband. Thousands of women are victims of domestic violence every day, all over the world. The weight of this injustice compelled Chelli to get involved by volunteering with the WINGS program in Chicago; an organization that provides a continuum of integrated services in an effort to end domestic violence and homelessness. In parallel, Chelli was desiging handbags seven days a week, which inspired her to bring those two worlds together; CHC donates 10% of the profits from each purchase to WINGS. All the materials are sourced from across the USA and brought together to be constructed at the CHC studio in Chicago. The company believes its purpose is to build a legacy of creative excellence in order to become an innovative accessories industry leader reflecting generosity through a global audience to every community.

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