Coclico speaks to a personal identity that extends beyond style and luxury to a way of living in the world. Consciously, artfully, elegantly. Coclico believes that luxury isn’t the ability to purchase endlessly, but the privilege of choosing wisely. All materials are sourced locally in Europe, near the company's small, family-run factory in Mallorca, Spain. At its NYC headquarters, the company not only works to underpin the design process behind each collection but also seek the highest standards of ethical and environmental responsibility. The result is a union of modern minimalism and traditional quality.

Coclico shoes are made to last. The brand seeks out small scale, artisanal partners that comply with vigorous standards of sustainability and are verified by third-party certifications. Each pair of shoes is handmade by artisans in Mallorca, Spain and is constructed using recycled and renewable components. Coclico partners with Native Energy to offset its annual in-house carbon usage by investing in international renewable energy projects.  

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