Colette Sol USA

Colette Sol brand evolved out of one woman’s heart of compassion for improving the lives of young women around the world, particularly those impacted by human trafficking. Originally founded in the Netherlands, Colette, Founder, and her sister Miranda began designing beautiful, handmade shoes to raise awareness and financial support for organizations leading the global fight against trafficking. Now, Colette is excited to finally offer her shoes to U.S.-based customers under the brand name “Colette Sol USA” as of mid-2014. The company's hope is that each and every time one wears Colette Sol USA shoes, conversations will be sparked and awareness will be raised about the issue of human trafficking. It's the company's dream that each woman who wears them will become an ambassador and an advocate, not only for the brand, but also for other women, worldwide, so that they too can feel beautiful, strong, glamorous, and free. Colette Sol USA partners directly with organizations committed to fighting human trafficking, allocating 100% of the net proceeds from each sale directly to one or more of our anti-trafficking partners. All shoes are hand-made with love by craftsmen working in our production facility in Turkey. The company takes special care to ensure that all of its raw materials are sourced responsibly and that employees operate in a safe and clean working environment.


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