Fashionkind is an initiative. We want to change the world using fashion as the vehicle. We travel the world to curate the best mix of ethically-produced and sustainable luxury products. Our mission is to reveal the fashion industry’s power to support human rights and minimize environmental impact without sacrificing style. Fashionkind was created to evolve and improve the course of the fashion industry by presenting better options in design. Fashionkind was founded on the belief that the fashion industry holds untapped power – monetary, social and environmental – that can and should be leveraged to influence positive change. The kicker? This power can be synonymous with great fashion, ensuring you don’t have to compromise your personal style in order to make a difference. Each Fashionkind brand is held to two criteria, both of which have to be met in order for a brand to take on the Fashionkind name; these criteria are impeccable luxury style and tangible impact. 

Fashionkind is far more than just another e-commerce site or retailer.  We hope to become your educational resource, shedding light on the environmental and social issues the fashion industry creates or exacerbates and raising awareness of the difficult daily realities faced by many fashion industry workers around the world, such as inadequate education and health care, unsafe working conditions, repression of women’s rights and human trafficking. In this way we hope to raise awareness among consumers like you, demonstrating that you have a choice when making a purchase. is the platform through which you can exercise this choice and join us in demonstrating the positive power of fashion.

It's time to change the way you think about fashion.