Passion and fashion—these have been core elements in Nina Farran’s life since she can remember.   Passion for friends and family, passion for learning and growing, passion for giving and helping–passion for living life fully and helping others to do the same. And yes, passion for fashion.

Nina's background
 is in developing new opportunities that make a positive impact. While at the University of Pennsylvania, she launched a humanitarian fashion effort that built schools in sub-Saharan Africa and, more recently, Nina initiated and successfully built the impact investing program at a national investment and wealth management firm. Her work focusing on ethical and sustainable investments opened her eyes to the severe need for impact fashion and education for consumers and designers alike. She quickly saw the link between caring, sustainable and ethical fashion and tangible help for society and the environment.  Fashionkind is the manifestation of this awareness, the realization of a proactive way for fashion to support humanitarian needs in our world.