Esplar Leather White

$ 130.00

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White lace-up tennis shoes. Made in Brazil. These run large. Order a size smaller than usual. 

Materials: Eco-Tanned Leather, Organic Cotton & Wild Amazonian Rubber

The Facts: The increasing use of synthetic rubber derived from petroleum has resulted in a very low price for natural rubber, causing the inhabitants of the Amazonian forest to move from rubber tapping to more profitable activities such as cattle-raising and wood extraction which both involve land clearing, jeopardizing the survival of the Amazonian rainforest.

The Power of Fashion: Veja is focused on ethics and sustainability at all levels of its supply chain -- not just when it comes to rubber.  All rubber used is wild Amazonian rubber, which is harvested by 60 local families using sustainable methods that do not harm the tree.  Veja pays a higher price for this rubber, guaranteeing better income for the rubber tappers and an incentive to keep the trees alive.