Navy Bomber

$ 1,080.00

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Textile bomber jacket with suede sleeves.  Lined in 100% silk. Hand-loomed in Chile.

Materials: 100% Baby Alpaca and Suede with Silk Lining

The Facts: The Mapuche nation constitutes one of the largest indigenous societies in South America, and it is the most numerous of the indigenous people in Chile; however the country lacks recognition of Mapuche in its constitution. Less than 3% of Mapuche in Chile receive any education beyond high school, and roughly 1/3 live below the poverty line.

The Power of Fashion: Each VOZ piece is handmade by Mapuche female artisans in Chile and empowers them financially, creatively and professionally. The fabric is high quality natural and ecological fiber and is hand-dyed and woven, preserving ancient craft traditions in the artisans’ communities. Each artisan receives training in design innovation and prototyping and is given name credit and royalties for all designs featured in the collections.