living proof that traditional, time-honored craft can be synonymous with luxury, and that sustainability needn't come at the sacrifice of style.


Empowering women in the economy and closing gender gaps in the world of work are key to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


The inspiration I found in Italy compelled me to start Hunting Season, a brand that would be founded on the tradition of craftsmanship through a modern interpretation of the classics.

–– Daniella Corona, Founder

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Mola Sasa


Mola Sasa is a handcrafted accessories brand defined by its distinctive blend of techniques, colors, textures and materials. The brand captures the vibrancy and traditions of the Kuna culture in Colombia while empowering local artisans and providing them with sustainable employment opportunities. Many of these artisans are single mothers or heads of households who have been subject to violence and displacement. Today, Mola Sasa employs more than 80 families, bringing lasting social change to them and their communities.

Each Mola Sasa piece is made from traditional Mola fabrics sourced from the “Alto Cayman” province in the northern region of Colombia. These textiles feature an ancient appliqué technique in which layers of material are hand-cut and sewn to form an intricate piece of art. Each Mola fabric is one-of-a-kind and unique to the indigenous woman who creates it, marked by designs that reflect her beliefs, traditions and life experiences. The resulting fabric is then hand-stitched by by these artisans to create Mola Sasa’s signature whimsical pieces.


The exploration of new locally-sourced materials led founder Yasmin Sabet to Chimichagua: a traditional technique from the Cesar region of Colombia that features hand-woven palm leaves. Mola Sasa has incorporated this technique into their collections by partnering with artisans in this region to develop new products. The brand’s Chimichagua handbags aim to ensure the management, sustainable use and long-term conservation of the area’s native palm populations and their incorporation into the regional and national economy.

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Working with artisans is always limiting but this is part of what makes the challenge interesting and it guarantees that our designs will never be mass market.

— Yasmin Sabet, Founder