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The FK Code

The FK Code is how we research, vet and curate the leading ethical and sustainable luxury designers, artisans and brands from around the world.  Each designer on our platform has been hand-selected to join the Fashionkind family, because they have passed the criteria within both of our core evaluation categories: FASHION and IMPACT. 

At Fashionkind, we are fashion-first and impact-second. What does this mean? While we value both equally, we evaluate potential designers first on fashion, and only after they meet these criteria do we evaluate them on impact.  This approach helps change the dialogue around sustainable fashion by demonstrating that there needn't be a sacrifice when creating or consuming mindfully. The result is a curation of the absolute best designers and products in sustainable luxury. 



FASHION: We approach fashion by focusing on four key areas: style, fit, design and quality. What is the designer's style and feel? Is there a distinct point-of-view? How are the pieces designed and how do they fit? Are they flattering? Are they designed to last? These are a few of the questions we think about.  We ask ourselves, "If we were to see this piece in a magazine or on social media, would we want it, without even knowing its story?" The answer must always be yes. The pieces should stand alone as pieces of fashion.

IMPACT: Impact can be a tough area to evaluate, because it is never black and white.  We have real conversations with each of our designers to learn the soul of their brand and the brand's story.  Who makes each piece? Are they in safe working environments, and are they paid living wages? Where is everything made? What materials are used and from where are they sourced? Are specific processes implemented to minimize environmental impact? What initiatives does the brand align itself with? Has the brand received any research-backed certifications or evaluations? The list goes on. While we cannot guarantee we know everything that goes on behind the scenes - no one can - we do the most diligent job we can with the information available. The relationships we have with our designers are built on trust. We are confident in them and their actions to change the world using luxury fashion as the vehicle.