Rialto Jean Project

Rialto Jean Project is an eco-friendly, philanthropic denim brand specializing in hand-painted, one-of-a-kind vintage product. Started by Founder & Creative Director Erin Feniger, each piece is handcrafted in her art studio at South Street Seaport in NYC. Feniger sources rare American made vintage, personally hand-painting every single piece herself, and thus creating a unique, fashion forward experience. The hand-painted details on each piece echo the company's philanthropic dedication to art therapy; Rialto Jean Project benefits children through art, with proceeds going to support innovative art therapy programs at Children's Hospital Los Angeles and New York - Presbyterian Hospital. Since 2013, Art Therapy at Children's Hospital Los Angeles has been funded completely through philanthropic partners such as RJP, who only provides much-needed resources to aid the growth of art therapy but also brings attention to the hospital. In April, 2014 Rialto Jean Project expanded their efforts to support New York Presbyterian Child Life Services. The immediate goals of Rialto Jean Project include providing additional art therapy staff, giving isolated and long term patients an ability to communicate with others through the use of Skype and FaceTime on iPads, providing MacBook Pro laptops for use in therapy sessions involving graphic illustration and design, music composition and more, along with donating art supplies, Photoshop software, projectors and video cameras to the hospital. These contributions to the hospital's art therapy programs will help children express feelings they might not otherwise be willing to share with words. By creating their own images they depict their fears and anxieties, patients can release some of those negative feelings and focus on hope and optimism, benefitting their recovery.


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