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The Kind Code

The Kind Code is the criteria we use to select the designers and brands that offer the best in Impact Luxury. We use this term instead of “Sustainable Luxury” because we have a more holistic view. It’s not just about the effect of luxury fashion on the environment, it’s also about the people who are involved, their quality of life and often their heritage. The “S” word has also lost meaning in a world where every brand claims it, regardless of its actions. Impact Luxury products are made in a way that has a tangible positive impact, whether in empowering women with economic opportunity, using earth-friendly materials or saving an exquisite century-old craft from extinction The Kind Code evaluates a brand’s merit on the basis of design and impact. Both hold equal weight, but we choose to evaluate design first and impact second because we believe that being a more mindful consumer shouldn’t mean sacrificing style.


Our design evaluation keeps to the true spirit of luxury. We look for unparalleled quality and craftsmanship that will stand the test of time. We prize a distinctive point of view and an inspiring creative vision. We look for well-designed products that fit well and function, pieces that will bring beauty and a joyful experience to our customers lives. Finally, we ask: Would we want this piece without knowing its story? The answer always has to be yes.


We evaluate for impact in eight specific areas: Made in America, Emerging Economies, Artisan Craft, Philanthropic*, Sustainable Materials, Vegan, Women’s Empowerment, Zero Waste. In the simplest terms, a Fashionkind brand is one that treats its workers well with fair wages and safe working conditions and is mindful of how its supply chain affects the environment and local economies. We applaud any innovation or creativity that a brand brings to these baseline values. For our research, we conduct extensive interviews to delve into a brand’s story and culture. We sometimes travel meet a designer or founder. We also review any research-backed certifications or evaluations, though these are not a requirement. While we can’t guarantee we know everything that goes on behind the scenes, we are as diligent as possible in our research. We also welcome questions from our customers who want more information on a specific brand or initiative. Please email us with inquiries at customercare@fashionkind.com.

* Though we list philanthropy as an area of impact, we require something more meaningful than charity, and won’t feature a brand whose sole impact is charity.