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Single Date 1960s Calendar Charm
made to order
Region Israel united states
Artisan craft,  Emerging economies,  Vegan, 

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Please note, this piece will be handcrafted exclusively for you by artisans in Israel and will be delivered within six weeks. Questions or need rush delivery? Please contact customercare@fashionkind.com.

Garnet (January) / Plain / No
Garnet (January) / Plain / Yes
Garnet (January) / 1.2mm Diamond / No
Garnet (January) / 1.2mm Diamond / Yes
Garnet (January) / 2.5mm Diamond / No
Garnet (January) / 2.5mm Diamond / Yes
Amethyst (February) / Plain / No
Amethyst (February) / Plain / Yes
Amethyst (February) / 1.2mm Diamond / No
Amethyst (February) / 1.2mm Diamond / Yes
Amethyst (February) / 2.5mm Diamond / No
Amethyst (February) / 2.5mm Diamond / Yes
Aquamarine (March) / Plain / No
Aquamarine (March) / Plain / Yes
Aquamarine (March) / 1.2mm Diamond / No
Aquamarine (March) / 1.2mm Diamond / Yes
Aquamarine (March) / 2.5mm Diamond / No
Aquamarine (March) / 2.5mm Diamond / Yes
Diamond (April) / Plain / No
Diamond (April) / Plain / Yes
Diamond (April) / 1.2mm Diamond / No
Diamond (April) / 1.2mm Diamond / Yes
Diamond (April) / 2.5mm Diamond / No
Diamond (April) / 2.5mm Diamond / Yes
Emerald (May) / Plain / No
Emerald (May) / Plain / Yes
Emerald (May) / 1.2mm Diamond / No
Emerald (May) / 1.2mm Diamond / Yes
Emerald (May) / 2.5mm Diamond / No
Emerald (May) / 2.5mm Diamond / Yes
Moonstone (June) / Plain / No
Moonstone (June) / Plain / Yes
Moonstone (June) / 1.2mm Diamond / No
Moonstone (June) / 1.2mm Diamond / Yes
Moonstone (June) / 2.5mm Diamond / No
Moonstone (June) / 2.5mm Diamond / Yes
Ruby (July) / Plain / No
Ruby (July) / Plain / Yes
Ruby (July) / 1.2mm Diamond / No
Ruby (July) / 1.2mm Diamond / Yes
Ruby (July) / 2.5mm Diamond / No
Ruby (July) / 2.5mm Diamond / Yes
Peridot (August) / Plain / No
Peridot (August) / Plain / Yes
Peridot (August) / 1.2mm Diamond / No
Peridot (August) / 1.2mm Diamond / Yes
Peridot (August) / 2.5mm Diamond / No
Peridot (August) / 2.5mm Diamond / Yes
Blue Sapphire (September) / Plain / No
Blue Sapphire (September) / Plain / Yes
Blue Sapphire (September) / 1.2mm Diamond / No
Blue Sapphire (September) / 1.2mm Diamond / Yes
Blue Sapphire (September) / 2.5mm Diamond / No
Blue Sapphire (September) / 2.5mm Diamond / Yes
Opal (October) / Plain / No
Opal (October) / Plain / Yes
Opal (October) / 1.2mm Diamond / No
Opal (October) / 1.2mm Diamond / Yes
Opal (October) / 2.5mm Diamond / No
Opal (October) / 2.5mm Diamond / Yes
Citrine (November) / Plain / No
Citrine (November) / Plain / Yes
Citrine (November) / 1.2mm Diamond / No
Citrine (November) / 1.2mm Diamond / Yes
Citrine (November) / 2.5mm Diamond / No
Citrine (November) / 2.5mm Diamond / Yes
Turquoise (December) / Plain / No
Turquoise (December) / Plain / Yes
Turquoise (December) / 1.2mm Diamond / No
Turquoise (December) / 1.2mm Diamond / Yes
Turquoise (December) / 2.5mm Diamond / No
Turquoise (December) / 2.5mm Diamond / Yes
Select a Stone Stone: Garnet (January)
Garnet (January)
Amethyst (February)
Aquamarine (March)
Diamond (April)
Emerald (May)
Moonstone (June)
Ruby (July)
Peridot (August)
Blue Sapphire (September)
Opal (October)
Citrine (November)
Turquoise (December)
Select a Bale Bale: Plain
1.2mm Diamond
2.5mm Diamond
Select an Engraving Engraving: No
Yes + $55

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Our Zahava 1960s Calendar Charm lets you highlight a date that's meaningful to you. This charm is fully customizable; select a month, day, and year that is special to you, and select the gemstone with which to mark it. Handcrafted by artisans in Israel. A keepsake watercolor image of your custom charm will be created for each order and will be emailed to you within two days. 


**Please note, this charm does not include a chain. Chain options can be found here. Or, please email customercare@fashionkind.com for suggestions!

Infusing Objects With Meaning

Ethically produced by global metalsmiths, predominantly in Tel Aviv (as well in collaboration with some tried and true experts in Manhattan, and a sweet father daughter duo in Bombay), Zahava's Jewelry is crafted in 10k Gold, evocative of antique amulets from another time and place.