living proof that traditional, time-honored craft can be synonymous with luxury, and that sustainability needn't come at the sacrifice of style.


Empowering women in the economy and closing gender gaps in the world of work are key to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


The inspiration I found in Italy compelled me to start Hunting Season, a brand that would be founded on the tradition of craftsmanship through a modern interpretation of the classics.

–– Daniella Corona, Founder

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K. Brunini

San Diego-based designer Katey Brunini has dedicated the past 20 years to building an artistic expression inspired by her passions of nature, science, history, and art. She describes her fine jewelry as poetic, weaving organic design elements with ethically-sourced gemstones to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces that embody the power and grace of nature.

Since inception, Katey’s mission has been to honor noble elements of the earth, beginning with “alternative” materials such as wood and bone and evolving to pair these with diamonds and other gemstones.  Her deep study of how humans have used what’s around them to convey emotion and the sentiment of the time in talismanic form has informed her use and pairing of materials. To Katey, fine jewelry is the vehicle through which she can honor mother nature in all of her forms.

When it comes to sustainability, Katey emphasizes the importance of creating pieces that will be passed down through generations. She is fascinated and intrigued by pieces throughout history that have lasted thousands of years, yet still feel relevant.  She believes in creating pieces that are era-agnostic, as one of the most powerful characteristics of fine jewelry is its power to transcend.

I believe in small production, slow food, the interconnectedness of man, humanity, nature, animal, etc., and I think when it's done well, it just vibrates naturally.” - Katey Brunini, Founder

K. Brunini's work has been exhibited around the world, ranging from Art Basel to the San Diego Museum of Natural History.  She has been recognized by various prestigious awards, including the Women's Jewelry Association Award of Excellence in Design and the American Gem Trade Association's Spectrum Award.