Meet Our Intern: Alli Lorraine

Meet Our Intern: Alli Lorraine

Fashion is a mechanism for expression -- just ask seven-year-old me, who spent an afternoon repurposing one of my mother’s terrycloth towels into a custom-fit tank top. Fashion provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about other cultures and communities, for each one has its own distinct style characteristic of its respective history, belief systems, and way of life. Analyzing these trends completely fascinates me, so much so that I concentrate my major at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study around it.

With that first (supersoft) tank top, my foray into fashion truly began. As I continued to explore the industry throughout secondary school, I became aware of its apparent environmental and social issues, and I knew a positive change had to occur. I also knew I had to be a part of it, which is what led me to Fashionkind.

Fashionkind curates design-focused, ethically produced and sustainable luxury style. We bring it directly to you, providing facts and figures to educate along the way. Fashionkind is a new type of retailer: we’re an initiative that gives you the power to support human rights and minimize environmental impact, and to do it with style. Literally.

(High-end aesthetics that create positive change: what could be better?)

When I’m not researching the history of denim or reading about the industry’s latest career moves, you can find me lazing around Washington Square Park with friends, my favorite bandana over my eyes to block out the sun, or rocking out in an Ace & Jig jumpsuit at a Killers concert.

I look forward to my weekly Journal posts, where I bring you a behind-the-scenes look at how the Fashionkind team works for and with humankind to change the way everyone thinks about fashion.

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