The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange

The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange

During London Fashion week, prominent figures in fashion, royalty and beyond gathered at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange: a collection of established and emerging fashion talent from across the Commonwealth's 53 countries showcasing the power and potential of artisan fashion skills to deliver new networks, trade links and highlight sustainability.  

The Fashion Exchange is a collaborative program that connects talented designers with skilled artisans from countries around the world. The goal is to highlight the importance of artisanal craft and the positive impact it can have on surrounding communities, as well as to shed light on the hands behind each piece of clothing. It seeks to use fashion as a vehicle to create economic opportunities and influence positive change on both social and environmental levels.  It also furthers the movement to minimize waste related to fashion consumption.

"The Fashion Exchange brings the values of the modern-day Commonwealth - women's empowerment, ethical production and supply chains, innovation, economic growth and poverty reduction - to life through the globally appealing medium of fashion." - Eco-Age 

The showcase and exhibition will be displayed in London and open to the public through April, with the intent of bringing it to other continents thereafter.  Those who cannot be able to visit in London will be able to access an online exhibition and digital platform hosted by Google Arts & Culture. 

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